About Us


Welcome to the website of the company CETTEC Technology Ltd. We are a relatively young company, engaged in engineering production. Despite our short existence we are able to offer a team of experienced workers with long experience in engineering. Our main activity is the manufacture of machined parts. Furthermore, we are able to offer services related to this field, such as CNC programming, construction activities, metal production, surface treatment, assembly kits, etc.



Company Policy

Production Quality

The parts are produced according to customer drawings. During the production process we check their quality, whether they meet your requirements and prescribed standards.

Clear Pricing

We provide transparent calculation so that the customer knows exactly how much it will cost one piece of the product, how to prepare, how much material. Or the whole set, or series.

Reliability of Supply

We pride ourselves on timely delivery, based on the agreed date. All our products denoted, paced and transported according to customer requirements

Full Service

On customer request, we are able to offer design work, CNC programming, installation kits, cooperation and finishes.