UV Inks

Our inks offer you the most compatible colours and adhesion to match your special print requirements.
Our ink is compatible with the Xaar, Ricoh, Dimatix(Spectra), Seiko, Epson, Toshiba and Konica Minolta printheads.

Our UV integrated inks and printers are optimized to ensure reliable operation, maximum efficiency and the highest performance from every printer. The high quality inks also produce the brightest, most consistent and durable colour output on many flexible and rigid substrates.

Most compatible UV ink is

  • the highest value based on the inks’ performance and quality,
  • produce flawless colour on the widest colour gamut range,
  • offers excellent adhesion and flexibility on a large number of substrates,
  • many customers all around the world are currently using our UV ink on machines in productional conditions,
  • offer the best value in terms of highest profits and predictable running costs,
  • reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Reliability of Supply

We pride ourselves on timely delivery, based on the agreed date. All our products denoted, paced and transported according to customer requirements.

We offer

  • a wide range of inks that works on various media,
  • experience with the widest range of print heads, such as XAAR, Ricoh, Dimatix (Spectra), Seiko, Epson, Toshiba and Konica Minolta.

After consultation with the customer, we will personally determine the needs of the customer along with the technical parameters of the printer and the price – we offer the most suitable alternative inks


Donna Frantik – Sales Manager Cettec Technology s.r.o.
email: info@cettec.cz, tel.: +420 604 661 717